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Tele-Sales Direct business-to-business telemarketing

Tele-Sales Direct is a family-owned business specialised in outbound business-to-business telemarketing since 1989.

On behalf of our clients, we have the knowledge and expertise to contact dormant and prospective clients.

Our core business includes calendar scheduling, lead qualification, relationship management, data cleaning/improvement, sales, turnover & lead generation.

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The expert in the field of outbound business-to-business telemarketing since 1989


Expert in outbound telephone communications

telemarketing services.

How we work

Changing clients or one-off clients are the rule rather than the exception in the world of telemarketing.

Over ons

At Tele-Sales Direct the opposite is true.

Like our clients, we aim for quality. Naturally, quality can only be guaranteed if there is good cooperation on both sides.

Knowing a client like the back of your hand, responding to all questions with flexibility and at all times, consulting regularly and always thinking about new and better ways of working together: That is how Tele-Sales Direct works. Thanks to our approach, we have created partnerships that last for many years with the majority of our clients (80%).


Telemarketing software

Obviously, a successful telemarketing campaign requires user-friendly and appropriate technological support. For that reason, we think along with our clients on the subject of telemarketing software. It is important that the project matches perfectly with your wishes. That is why, prior to every campaign, our IT-manager contacts the client to find out which approach, parameters, etc. need to be applied.

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