Invitations by phone

You are organising a trade fair, seminar or congress or you are giving an interesting workshop for prospects and/or clients. To invite your clients, you have sent out a personal invitation by email or letter. But then, there is hardly any response…

Follow up by telephone via Tele-Sales Direct

Telefonische uitnodigingsacties

Tele-Sales Direct can take care of the entire follow-up by phone for you. A dedicated team of telemarketers are trained and informed about your organisation, so they can contact your prospects and clients professionally. You will immediately notice that the number of registrations for your seminar, congress or any other event goes up.

By following-up the invitation with a phone call, you will also find out why the response was so low.

You can either send out a new invitation or handle it differently next time. In addition, a follow-up phone call can be an opportunity to answer questions from clients, which may lead to more registrations!

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