Our telemarketers

Telephone communication is all about people. The telemarketers are the people doing the work. You only get one chance to make a good impression when you introduce yourself to a new client. You cannot trust just anyone to build up your client relationships. The telemarketer who makes first contact with your client(s), will become the voice of your company.

Our clients see the telemarketers as their company’s calling card. To achieve this, telemarketers are exclusively linked to a specific client. For each project, they are trained and informed by, and in cooperation with, the client. This way, we ensure that your prospective clients are contacted in a professional manner.

A permanent calling team

After receiving basic training, the telemarketers are regularly educated and trained to work for 1 or 2 clients to whom they are linked. Our clients always have their own permanent calling team.

Motivated telemarketers

Tele-Sales Direct only employs motivated telemarketers, who have sufficient experience to communicate professionally with your (future) clients.

Our telemarketers are not “robots” that rattle off a rehearsed script. They know who they are working for, which enables them to respond appropriately to their partners on the phone.


They are all permanent employees. We do not work with people who are ‘on call’. The average age of our telemarketers is 30+. To successfully complete our projects, we make sure that our telemarketers have the opportunity to learn so much about their client’s activities and products/services that they could become internal employees of the client, so to speak.

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