Prospect qualification/assessment

How do you separate the wheat from the chaff? Your target group is too extensive for an intensive approach by your sales force. By using prospect qualification and assessment, you will find out which prospects are currently planning activities. Besides, you will also find out who you need to keep “warm” to increase your long-term chances of success. Telemarketing is an excellent tool for assessing prospects.

Contacting the right prospects


It goes without saying that it is important that your direct marketing campaign reaches the right prospects. Tele-Sales Direct can assess and qualify your prospects optimally. A team of professional telemarketers asks targeted questions and interprets the answers for your directory database. As a result, your directory database is turned into a valuable tool for future marketing campaigns.

The phone call can also be used to inform prospects about your products or services, to make an appointment for a sales representative or for direct telephone sales.

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