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We are TSD

A start-up with 30 years of experience

We are experts in outbound B2B telemarketing and we are ready to give this channel a positive image again. We understand the need for social contact and thus we are aware of the power of personal attention.

Time to add an additional contact channel. The channel that we offer is personal, warm and open. Not because we call people, but mainly because we listen to people. Call us human!

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Our vision.

We want to offer companies an additional contact channel, where the focus is on the basic human need of personal contact. At the end of the day, we are all human beings.

That is our vision. We understand the need for social contact and thus the power of personal attention. We believe that even A.I. will not get you close to authentic, human contact. Not now, not ever.

We are experts in our discipline, but never too specialist to learn. This attitude was taught to us by our mother, Ria. It was also Ria who taught us the ins and outs of this beautiful trade. The sense of family within our company is not merely a role. We are a family.

Our agents will be trained internally, so they will have the right basic competences. Afterwards, they will be systematically trained to be able to work for specific customers and individual projects.

Agents work in a fixed team and focus on 1 or 2 customers. This allows them the opportunity to thoroughly get to know their customers. After all, they are an extension of you. We work without digital scripts. We feel that this would be detrimental to the authenticity. And this, by the way, is one of our USPs, together with quality.

Our agents are 35 years old, averagely, have regular employment and are seniors in terms of experience. No students, no temps.

Our agents are our showpiece.
And yours!

You would almost think that we were employed by your company!

Our aim is to thoroughly know your company. As if we work there ourselves. We retain long-lasting relationships by frequent consultation, the capacity to be involved, as well as flexible and transparent collaboration. Our agents are linked exclusively to you, as a customer. The agents are trained and well informed for each individual project, so your prospects and customers can be approached in a professional way.

Our journey to date: