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Account management by telephone
for (smaller) customers

Did you know that contact by telephone is the most successful way to make a connection after face to face meetings?

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It is time to give your customers
the personal attention that they deserve.

It is time to give your (smaller) customers the personal attention that they deserve. Customer management by telephone is the best way to improve the relation with your customers, without cleaning out your bank account.

Our agents know how to touch the right cord with your customers, whether it concerns a competitive promotion, a groundbreaking innovation or just a bit of small talk: we know how to tie customers to you. We create customer satisfaction, turnover and loyalty through smart timing and a personal approach.

Via this personal way of communication, we quickly signal the wishes and issues of your customers, which enables us to respond to their needs more quickly. Our agents will contact your customers to, for instance, offer your new products or services, which are coordinated to the needs they learned before. So, you are building a sincere relation with the customer and stimulate up- and cross-selling. The result? Higher conversions, higher return and direct effect.

We will also be happy to support you in generating traffic for your web shop, plus having your database expand by use of relevant data. This could mean having your online customer create an account or making phone calls to have missing conversions confirmed. This is also part of our management by telephone.

Contact with your customers can be maintained in many different ways. You can, for instance, send account managers to visit customers. This form of personal contact may work well, but is relatively costly. Regarding smaller customers, the costs are in no relation to the result. And often the back-office does not have the capacity to arrange this frequently, structurally or adequately. Account management by telephone by TSD is a cost-efficient and effective alternative. Your company will show a positive image at well-chosen contact moments. What can we do for you and would you allow us to think along? The customer will appreciate this attention and will be happy to talk about his wishes and possible issues. At minimal costs, you will achieve the maximum result this way. Strengthening the relation, having better insight in what the customer wants, leading to more turnover.

and cost-efficiency.


  • Cost reduction: the costs of one visit in the field require at least 10 contacts by telephone with your customer
  • Efficiency: retaining customers is much more economical than recruiting new customers.
  • Wishes and complaints will be signalled immediately
  • You can respond more quickly to customer needs.
  • You do not give customers a reason to assess the competitor
  • Customers will stay with you longer!

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