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At TSD we understand like no one else the value of personal contact, particularly where gathering valuable insights is concerned. Therefore, we also understand the relevance of research like NPS, KTO, QC and other surveys. After all, it is the customer satisfaction that counts.

We can support you in different ways. We can, for instance, see to calling customers who did or did not complete digital surveys. Or we assume a reverse approach: we promptly pick up the phone to have an open research conversation, whether this is about customer satisfaction surveys, NPS-evaluations, or other forms of feedback, we are here to ensure that you gather insights that are really meaningful. We also have the skill to achieve specific goals, regardless the extent.

Are you familiar with the expression “marking your own exam”? That is not our cup of tea, at TSD. We are objective, unbiased and guarantee that we will achieve the intended insights and numbers within the terms and guidelines set.

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