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Welcome, retention & win-back calls

Do your customers feel heard?

Allow us to listen

Take your time to
personally welcome new customers.

Welcome calls

You have just one opportunity to make a good first impression. We know how important that is for your company. To us, personal contact is key, to give new customers a sense of trust and make them feel warmly welcomed. Take your time to personally welcome new customers, by means of a friendly phone call. We are aware that this should be done within a week’s time. The reputation of your company will be improved and the new customer’s sentiment will be positive.

Retention calls

No matter how unfortunate, every company will face customers leaving. What can we do to support you regarding this? Our experienced agents will contact your customers who are thinking of leaving. They do this to learn about the underlying reasons of the customer’s decision. The customer feels heard and understood and, best case scenario, it may help the customer to return to your company.

If not, it will be learning a valuable lesson. The feedback deriving from these interactions will also help to improve your offer and address any deficiencies that cause dissatisfaction. By continuously refining and improving your products or services, you will better comply with your customers’ expectations. This will ultimately result in a higher degree of loyalty and turnover.

The customer feels
heard and understood.

Stressing the
positive sides of your product or service.

Win-back calls

Winning back old customers is just as important as recruiting new ones. We can also be of assistance in that respect. We develop a strategy to win back your former customers and will implement this for each customer.

Initially, our agents will do what is most important in terms of relation recovery: they will listen to and communicate with your lost customers. Based on the feedback that they receive, they will discuss any issues from the past and emphasise the positive sides of your product or service. And should the customer not return unexpectedly, they have been heard anyway.

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